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Boys’ Generation introduces vocalist Doyoung

SM Entertainment has introduced a new vocalist to Boys’ Generation.

His name is Doyoung and not much information has been released about him.

We do know that he was born on February 1st, 1996, making him one of the youngest members.

His Astrological sign is an Aquarius and his Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig.

Boys' Generation introduces vocalist Doyoung

He will be making his first live appearance as an MC alongside fellow Boys’ Generation and SMROOKIES member Jaehyun.

They will both be MC’ing at MBC’s Show Champion starting on January 21st.

Doyoung is new to the SMRookies and has just been recently introduced, and yet he’s already being giving a bunch of great opportunities that only more veteran groups are given.

Welcome Doyoung to the fold. We can’t wait to hear him sing.


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