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Boys’ Generation’s Jaehyun English speaking skills

Here’s our Jaehyun from Boys’ Generation while he was still an SM Rookie.

He is practicing his English-speaking skills in front of the camera.

Maybe we should wonder how this video ended up on YouTube actually…

But that’s not the point. The point is how adorable Jaehyun sounds!

SMROOKIES Boys' Generation Jaehyun English Speaking Skills

When he is speaking English, you can hear a hint of his Korean accent, but I was very surprised at how fluent and American he sounds when speaking some of his sentences.

And this is when Jaehyun was younger, so who knows how immensely his English speaking skills have improved.

You can check out the video of Jaehyun speaking English below.

He is mostly reciting lines he memorized, but still it’s amazing.

Taeyong is my bias in Boys’ Generation, but Jaehyun is getting dangerously close to replacing him for me.

We would love to see some videos of the other members of Boys’ Generation speaking English too.

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