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Boys Republic makes their debut with their Party Rock MV






Boys Republic has finally made their Kpop music debut with their new Party Rock music video. The boy group, composed of members Wonjun, Dabin, Suwoong, Sungjun and Minsoo, is part of the filthy rich Universal Studios, and are being managed under Universal’s Korean branch. Boys Republic is Universal Studio’s first step into the Kpop music scene, and the company is hoping that these boys will help pave the way for a very successful and lucrative Kpop venture in the future.

Boys Republic reveals debut music video Party Rock 1


Boys Republic’s Party Rock is an electro-dance number with a bright and easy-going theme. Yes, there is a great amount of auto-tuning happening in the song, however, it actually works quite well for the music video. The group are actually pretty impressive dancers as well. After being released for only a few hours, the music video has already garnered a lot of positive feedback from viewers and fans all around.

To help with Boys Republic’s debut, Universal Studios enlisted the help of Park Geun Tae, Dsign Music (the Norwegian composer team who helped create Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy”, and former SM Entertainment employee Jung Hae Ik (who is well known for producing the first generation of idols, including g.o.d, S.E.S, and H.O.T.). Judging from their already-successful music video, it looks like these Kpop rookies have a long lifespan ahead of them. We’ll have full profiles for each member in the near future. Enjoy the music video!

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