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Boys Republic opens up their official Instagram account

In anticipation of their upcoming album, Identity, Boys Republic has opened an official Instagram account!

So far, their official Instagram account has been posting behind-the-scenes footage of their upcoming music video. The photos show that Boys Republic’s new concept will be less cheery compared to their debut concept and more fierce (along the lines of B.A.P and Bangtan Boys).

It also looks like these boys will be showing off some great choreography again this time around. Sungjun has already suffered a couple of big bruises while practicing.

I’m excited for Boys Republic’s 1st mini-album. I liked their debut concept, and these boys have shown that they’re great performers.

Boys Republic opens up their official Instagram account

Boys Republic’s Identity is set to be released on October 8th. The boys will show off some of their songs at the 2013 Hallyu Dream Concert on October 6th and they will have a comeback showcase for their album on October 8th.

The songs on their new album include:

1. I’m Ready
2. You Are Special To Me
3. What For
4. L.I.U
5. Party Rock
6. Special Girl
7. Orange Sky

Only one week until their new album drops! Be sure to follow Boys Republic on Instagram for more updates!


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