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Boys Republic return with their 1st mini-album “IDENTITY”


Boys Republic is back! And this time they’re back with their very 1st mini-album “IDENTITY“.

The boys have gathered a lot of attention ever since they debuted with their unique and catchy song “Party Rock“.

Their new title track this time around is called “You Are Special To Me“, and it’s just as catchy and even more unique!

In fact, I think I might like this song a lot more than their “Party Rock”!

Boys Republic returns with their 1st mini-album IDENTITY

“You Are Special To Me” is the type of song you’d want to listen to when you want to get amped up. One thing that throws me off is the chorus. The parts before and after the chorus are seductive, empowering, and makes you want to start a fight, but the chorus completely throws off the song by being all upbeat and happy…

So yeah, I would absolutely love this song if the chorus was different. Maybe you won’t mind the chorus… heck you might even love the chorus.

The other tracks on IDENTITY are good too. They’re not amazing, but they’re good album tracks.

To be honest though, the only tracks that stood out to me were “I’m Ready (Intro)“, “You Are Special To Me”, and “Party Rock”. I honestly think that “I’m Ready (Intro)” should’ve been a full song. It sounds awesome, and it stands out more than tracks like L.I.U or Special Girl. Of course that’s only my opinion.

Here’s the full tracklist for IDENTITY:

  1. I’m Ready (Intro)
  2. You Are Special To Me
  3. What Up
  4. L.I.U
  5. Party Rock
  6. Special Girl
  7. Orange Sky (Bonus Track: Jeju Air Brand Song)

Check out Boys Republic’s “I’m Ready (Intro)” and “You Are Special To Me” below! The music video for “You Are Special To Me” should be released any day now.

Boys Republic – I’m Ready (Intro)

Boys Republic – Say You’re Special To Me

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