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Boys Republic to attend Japanese JATA Travel Showcase 2013 as Korea’s representatives

Boys Republic has been chosen to be the Korean representatives at the “Japanese JATA Travel Showcase 2013”, Asia’s largest tourism event.

There will be over 140 countries participating in the event and an estimated 13 million people in attendance. For Boys Republic to be chosen as the Korean representatives is an honor, and it will do wonders for their popularity.

Boys Republic debuted 3 months ago under the very powerful label “Universal Music Group”. The boys were praised for their incredible dancing skills and their catchy song “Party Rock. They won the hearts of many fans… especially those in Japan.

While they’re still working on increasing their popularity in Korea, they’re already loved in Japan, so you can expect many members of their “Royal Family” to be in attendance at the event.

Boys Republic to be Korean represenatives at the Japanese JATA Travel Showcase 2013

Japanese JATA Travel Showcase 2013 will take place from September 12th – September 15th. On the last day of the event, Boys Republic will attend “Tokyo Big Sight” to record for Japan’s BS11’s broadcast of “Han Love”.

Universal Music Group stated,

“The [Japanese JATA Travel Fair 2013] event is an event in which they will represent Korea. They will have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. We’re grateful to be able to spread Korean culture.”

It really is an honor for such a new group to become the representatives for an event of this magnitude. Congrats to Boys Republic for being able to snag this gig! Hopefully they knock it out of the park.

For those of you attending the event, the Korean Tourism Organization will be opening a pavilion at the fair to promote Korean culture, food, fashion, tourism, and more, so be sure to check the venue out!

Source: Boys Republic International

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