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Boys Republic’s official fanclub name is “Royal Family”

Boys Republic now has an official fanclub name!

The boys have decided to call their fanclub “Royal Family”. They say that “Royal Family” is defined as “showing loving hospitality towards everyone in the family”, something that they wish to do for their supporting and loving fans.

But the fanclub name also has a double meaning.

In Korea, Royal can be pronounced as “loyal” as well, meaning that the name defines their fans and the boys themselves as always being loyal to each other.

Boys Republic's official fanclub name is Royal Family

Boys Republic is gaining popularity quickly, however not so much in Korea. They’re gaining massive traction in Japan though, with the boys even being invited to be the Korean representatives in Asia/Japan’s largest tourism event “Japanese JATA Travel Fair 2013”.

The event will receive participation from over 140 countries and there will be 13 million people in attendance. Now that’s an honor.

To show their Royal Family just how much they love their support, each member of Boys Republic, including One Junn, Da Bin, Sung Jun, Min Su and Su Woong, wrote personal handwritten notes to their fan club page.

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