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BPPOP finally opens up their official Facebook page!

The girls of BPPOP (Bright, Playful, Pop), have finally opened up an official Facebook page! The girls debuted at the beginning of this year and made a decent debut in the K-Pop industry with their cheerful, cutesy theme.

I say decent because their debut music video has received mixed reviews from netizens, with ¼ of the netizens believing that the girls are a bit too generic. The girls are part of the lesser-known BP Story Entertainment (hence BP-POP), but despite being part of a small agency, the girls are doing quite well for themselves.

BPPOP opens up an official Facebook page

There are a total of 5 members in the group. There’s Pyunji, the leader and main vocalist. There’s Jane, a Chinese member who’s fluent in English and is a rapper/vocalist for the group. There’s Siyoo, one of the vocalists for the group. There’s Inkhyun, another vocalist for the group, and finally there’s Jung Yoo Jin, a vocalist and the maknae of the group.

BPPOP’s Official Facebook page currently has about 880 fan likes, however, that number is steadily increasing each day. The girls opened up their official Facebook page in anticipation of their comeback, which is rumored to be happening really soon.

You can like their official Facebook page here! While you’re at it, like ours as well!

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