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BPPOP’s “Never Ever Let Me Go” was made by AKB48’s composers

BPPOP has changed things up this time around for their comeback. They debuted with a catchy, poppy, cutesy track, but this time around, they’re coming back with a sad, R&B ballad called “Never Ever Let Me Go“.

All of the girls look gorgeous in the music video for their song. They’re wearing beautiful white dresses and they all play the part of the forlorn lover well.

What’s amazing about this song is that it was created by Kim Son Yub and Lee Sang Min, the same people who helped compose top Japanese girl group AKB48‘s song “Yaritagariya Sa”.

Being able to snag hit composers like that is a great feat for BPPOP’s label, and it really reflects in the girls’ new song.

BPPOP's Never Ever Let Me Go was made by AKB48's composers

Now BPPOP fans are a bit sad that the girls abandoned their old image, but their new image is pretty amazing. On top of the new song, the girls are also preparing a ballet choreography as well, which we will all see when they start appearing on music shows!

Check out BPPOP’s “Never Ever Let Me Go” below!

Source: Allkpop

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