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BTS and Ariana Grande Collaboration Rumored To Be On Its Way

Here’s one rumor we absolute hope to be true; BTS and Ariana Grande are said to be working on a collaboration track together!

The song is reportedly called “You“.

It will be a single released by Ariana Grande with BTS being featured on it.

The rumors started circulating after radio hosts started discussing BTS releasing new music by the end of the year as well as Ariana dropping another album soon (although she did just release one…).

Several “BTS Insiders” also leaked information saying a collaboration is almost guaranteed. These are the same insiders that leaked the news that BTS and Nicki Minaj were collaborating together way back when.

But nonetheless, without official confirmation from BigHit Entertainment, this is still a rumor.

So everyone start praying this is true.

And for those of you who are curious, this is what a potential BTS x Ariana Grande collaboration may sound like:

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