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BTS Jin Has Opened Up His Own Restaurant

BTS Jin is broadening his horizons.

Since BTS’ music career is pretty much a complete success, Jin is now pursuing another challenge; the restaurant business.

His restaurant is called “Ossu Seiromushi” and he has opened it up with his brother Kim Seokjoong.

His brother is the owner/CEO and Jin is the director.

Of course you can tell by the name alone that the restaurant serves Japanese-style cuisine.

Their dishes are mainly Japanese-steamed dishes.

A preview of their food shows beef, mushrooms, carrots, and a variety of other vegetables being cooked in a wooden steamer.

The whole restaurant looks so classy and inviting.

The restaurant has dinner-only hours, and opens no earlier than 5:00PM.

Ossu Seiromushi is located near Seokchon Lake.

Jin’s parents, Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk, and fellow labelmate Lee Hyun all sent them congratulatory flowers.

Check out pictures of the restaurant below!

The business will be a huge success, even from the power of BTS’ name alone.


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