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BTS – Love Yourself: Tear – Album Tracklist

BTS has finally revealed their official tracklist for their upcoming album, Love Yourself: Tear.

There are a total of 11 songs on the album, including an intro and an outro.

Steve Aoki also collaborated together with BTS once again, so we can’t wait to hear what that song sounds like.

Check out the track list below and be sure to pre-order/purchase the album so you can support the boys on the music charts!

BTS – Love Yourself: Tear Tracklist

  1. Intro: Singularity
  2. Fake Love
  3. 전하지 못한 진심 (Ft. Steve Aoki)
  4. 134340
  5. 낙원 (Paradise)
  6. Love Maze
  7. Magic Shop
  8. Airplane Pt. 2
  9. Anpanman
  10. So What
  11. Outro: Tear

We’re ridiculously excited for BTS’ album to drop.

We’re only a few day away and just looking at the tracks on this album, we already know we’re going to be blown away.


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