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BTS’ RM Releases “mono.” Mixtape!

BTS’ RM has just dropped his new mixtape mono. and fans have immediately jumped all over it.

RM is dominating 6 out of 9 of Twitter’s trending hashtags, and it’s only been an hour since the mixtape’s release.

But 6 out of 9 isn’t good enough, so keep tweeting and retweeting everyone.

We better see all 9 hashtags being dominated by hour two.

The mixtape has 7 tracks:

  1. tokyo
  2. seoul
  3. moonchild
  4. badbye – eAeon
  5. uhgood
  6. everythingoes – NELL
  7. forever rain

The mixtape is available through multiple streaming platforms:

We may be a little biased because it’s BTS’ RM and all, but we love every single track.

We hope you do too.

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