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BTS Special Album Reaches 1.5 Million in Pre-Orders

BTS is releasing a special album called, “Love Yourself: Answer” in August and the demand for it has exceeded expectations.

This is the first week that pre-orders have been available for the album, and it has already reached 1,511,910 in sales.

This is a huge surprise since its preorder numbers have already beat the preorders for “Love Yourself: Tear” by 62,000.

And Love Yourself: Tear was a full-fledged album with all new tracks.

Love Yourself: Answer will be the final album in the 4-part “Love Yourself” series by BTS.

We’ll be sad to see it end.

Love Yourself: Answer will also receive a US release simultaneously, so we can’t wait to see how it does on the Billboard charts.

The special album will be released on August 24th and will feature 7 new songs along with some tracks from their previously released tracks.

Way to go BTS.

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