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BTS To Release Special New Album in August!

It has been revealed that BTS will be releasing a special new album this August!

The announcement has probably given ARMYs everywhere a heart attack.

We can hear millions of wallets being prepared for next month.

Ours included.

The new special album will only feature around 2-3 new tracks though.

BTS wants everyone to see this album as an extension to their previous album “Love Yourself: Tear”.

The reason for this being that the songs were prepared at the same time as the tracks on their latest album.

The boys, however, don’t want to label the album as a “repackaged” album like many other K-Pop groups do.

They want this album to be standalone.

The sales of this album won’t be counted together with the sales of “Love Yourself:Tear”.

Furthermore, the main song on this album will have it’s own music video, however, the boys won’t be performing any of the tracks on music shows.

They will, however, be performing these songs live on their upcoming Love Yourself tour.

We’re so freaking thrilled to be getting some more BTS next month.

We really can’t wait.

Source: @Agirlinthepark

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