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CeCi TV releases behind-the-scenes footage of EXO's flower photoshoot

CeCi TV has just released the behind-the-scenes footage of EXO’s Flower photoshoot.

The video shows off the members as they pose for the camera. All of the boys show off their individual charms very well, with Kai showing off his seductiveness, Chanyeol showing off his playful side, and Chen showing off his prince vibe.

All of the members looked incredible in this photo shoot and fan girls are swooning all over this teaser video (and with good reason).

CeCi Magazine should probably see a huge boost in sales thanks to this photoshoot. I know that if I had access to the Korean version of CeCi Magazine, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Hopefully EXO has more photoshoots lined-up because we would love to see these boys modeling some more. They most certainly have the Flower Boy concept down, so it’d be great to see them try out some new concepts as well.

Currently, the boys are in Busan holding a fansigning event. Later on at 7:00PM today, the boys will be holding another fansigning event at Daejon. The boys will finish up their activities today by making an appearance at MBC Shindong’s ShimShimTaPa Radio.

These boys have a whole lot of promoting to do, but in the end, their hard work will ensure their rise in popularity and their transition into idols. Their first full album, XOXO, has already dominated the charts and is nearing 380,000 in sales, a figure that’s shocking considering how they’re still noobies to the Kpop scene.

EXO has plans to participate in a bunch of variety shows, which should help them secure a whole bunch of new fans (as if they didn’t have enough already). If you haven’t checked out their new album yet, I suggest you do. A majority of the songs on the album are good, and it has already received positive critiques from a variety of viewers.

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