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Chanyeol confirmed to be leaving Roommates


EXO’s Chanyeol has been confirmed to be leaving Roommates.

He won’t be appearing in Season 2 with the revamped system and new guests.

We wonder how the series will go on without his cute charms and great manners.

But we can see why he would want to leave. After several of his Roommates have already confirmed to be leaving the show, the environment has changed.

EXO Chanyeol confirmed to leave Roommates

On the bright side, at least now Chanyeol can live with the EXO members again.

He probably misses them a lot. D.O can cook for him again and he can play video games with Baekhyun.

So while it’s sad that we won’t be seeing him in Roommates Season 2 with GOT7’s Jackson and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, we’re happy for him.

He’ll probably be too busy for Roommates anyways because he has to finish off the rest of EXO’s Lost Planet concert tours, he has to start filming for his movie Jang Soo Shop, and he has to appear in some of the EXO 90: 2014 episodes.

We hope that he still keeps in touch with his Roommates, and that they still support each other even after they stop living together.


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