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Chanyeol uploads self-composed track “Who I Am” to Soundcloud

Something tells us that EXO Chanyeol’s new Soundcloud account will be on constant refresh for us.

He has just uploaded a new composition onto his account called, “Who I Am“.

It’s another rap track that features his fast rapping and his natural rhythm and beat.

Chanyeol is so talented. We hope to see a solo debut from him in the future.

EXO Chanyeol releases new rap song Who I Am on soundcloud

Check out Chanyeol’s “Who I Am” in the Soundcloud widget below.

We can’t wait to hear the other tracks he has composed so far. It seems that this account will be very active with the way he is updating it.

Let’s just hope that SM Entertainment doesn’t make him shut down his account because he’s uploading all of these potential hits.

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