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Check out Chanyeol in K.Will’s “You Don’t Know Love” BTS video

K.Will has released the behind-the-scenes video of his “You Don’t Know Love” music video. You get to see how both EXO’s Chanyeol and rookie actress Lee Ho-Jung get into character.

Chanyeol and Lee Ho-Jung were a bit uncomfortable and awkward filming with each other at first, but eventually of course, they became friends, making shooting the music video much easier.

You can see the two getting chummy on set.

Check out Chanyeol in K.Will's You Don't Know Love behind the scenes

It also turns out that the music video crew didn’t intentionally plan on filming the final scenes of the music video in the rain… it just happened, which was perfect! Chanyeol said that the weather “fit the scene like a glove”.

Both Chanyeol and Lee Ho-Jung showed their support for K.Will and asked everyone to give the song a listen. They said that of course, just like K.Will’s previous songs, this song would be a big hit.

Check out the cute behind-the-scenes video of “You Don’t Know Love” below. English subs thanks to CodeEXO.

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