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Check out EXO Behind-the-scenes of their Overdose MV!

SM Entertainment has just released a behind-the-scenes video of EXO filming their Overdose music video!

The BTS video gives fans an inside view of all of the work that goes into making EXO’s official music videos.

It also shows the close bond the EXO members have when they’re taking their breaks.

The members show very different personas on-and-off camera.

Check out EXO BTS of their Overdose music video

During the actual filming of the music video, the EXO members are charismatic, sexy, and serious, but off camera they’re full of jokes, hyper, and adorable.

Some examples is Lay playing a joke on the tallest members of EXO. He’d poke them, crawl down on the floor, and slide away.

Chen shows off his adorable side by playing around with the cameras… which he did not expect to be so heavy.

While he is lifting a camera, he’s screaming because he’s scared he’ll drop it.

The BTS video is completely adorable. Check it out below!

Also, EXO-K’s official music video for “Overdose” is sitting at over 4 million views already! Let’s try to make it to 5 million views soon!

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