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Check out EXO-K’s Ice Cream CF for Lotte Confectionary!

EXO-K’s new CF is out!

The boys are advertising Lotte Confectionary’s brand of ice cream “Worldcon“.

The entire CF, while only 30 seconds long, looks great.

With EXO promoting Lotte Confectionary’s ice cream, and with the heat waves that we’ve been experiencing, Lotte’s products will be flying off the shelves.

The entire CF is adorable. Everyone is in high spirits.

Kai and Chanyeol are lowered onto the ground via a huge helicopter and a ginormous empty ice cream cone.

Everyone’s cheering about ice cream and are refreshed by the magical chill breeze that it brings.

But I have to say that the highlight of this CF is definitely how each member eats their ice cream.

Chanyeol just sticks the entire cone inside of his mouth.

Sehun takes a GINORMOUS munch off the top of his cone.

Suho eats his so gentleman like, like the prince he is.

And everyone else, while eating ice cream the normal way, look adorable doing it.

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