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Chen to sing an OST for D.O’s drama It’s Okay, It’s Love


Chen has just been offered to sing an OST track for D.O’s upcoming drama, It’s Okay, It’s Love (AKA It’s Alright, It’s Love).

This will be Chen’s first solo track since his debut, so congrats Chen!

The EXO member has an amazing voice, and I’m sure he’ll blow this track out of the water.

I also hope that this OST will showcase his talents to the public so that they can see just how talented he and EXO are.

EXO Chen to sing the OST for D.O's drama It's Okay Its Love

The drama It’s Okay, It’s Love centers around people who have mental illnesses, but do not know it yet.

They have many aspirations in success, love, family and more.

D.O will be playing the role of a high school student named Han Kang Woo, who dreams of becoming a best-selling fiction novelist to make his mother proud.

The drama is set to air on July 23rd.

D.O will be playing a supporting character, but his character will become more and more important to the show as the series continues on.

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