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Chen’s OST The Best Luck to be released on July 23rd!


EXO-M Chen’s OST, The Best Luck, for “It’s Okay, It’s Love” is set to be released on July 23rd! The same day drama is set to air.

We’ve heard a preview of the track and we’re in love with it already.

Chen has an amazing voice and we just knew that he would be singing a bunch of OSTs someday.

And we know that it’s just an OST, but we hope that EXOtics will help support Chen by buying his song when it’s released.

EXO Chen The Best Luck OST to be released on July 23rd

We’re exactly a week away from D.O’s drama airing. Well I guess we should call him Do Kyungsoo since that’s how his name will appear in the credits.

Kyungsoo will be playing the role of a high schooler named Han Kangwoo who aspires to be a best-selling novelist.

He definitely fits the young, student image very well, and the directors seemed impressed with his performance on “Cart“, which is why they hired him to join their drama.

We hope that Do Kyungsoo does an excellent job and that the public views his acting career in a positive light.

Check out Chen’s teaser for his upcoming OST The Best Luck below!

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