Chinese media says Tao will leave EXO this comeback

I think most of us know by now that we should always take Chinese media reports with huge grains of salt.

This time around, the Chinese media are saying that EXO’s Tao is preparing to leave the group.

Of course, they have no real facts to back up their reports… and the only “fact” that they had was proven to be false. More on that below.

These rumors are already spreading like wildfire and people are already bashing Tao.

Chinese gossip site says EXO's Tao is leaving the group

A popular gossip site said that Tao terminated his contract with SM Entertainment and signed up with Huayi Brothers. They also made mention of the movie that Tao is starring in called “My Sunshine”, which is set to premiere on May 1st.

Luckily for Tao, and for us, the manager of Tao’s fellow actor, Huang Xiaoming, denied the fake rumors saying,

“False news could also result in hate-trafficking. Looks like it was really organized and planned out. We should quietly film a good movie. @Huangxiaoming @Huangzitao.”

Alongside his message was a photo saying “Go Away” in Chinese.

Another worker on Tao’s movie reblogged the manager’s message and stated,

“Zitao is the same age as my younger brother. While he’s still going to internet bars and asking his parents for money, Tao’s already working hard to earn money for his parents. I could see how hard Tao worked for “My Sunshine”. I hope he can grow up faster. The Chinese film industry has a space for him.”

The rumors all started when Tao was seen hanging out with Huang Xiaoming frequently. The Chinese media reports were saying that Xiaoming was Tao’s connection to “Huayi Brothers” and that he was the one encouraging Tao to quit SM Entertainment.

Thank God his manager spoke up against all the baseless gossip.

Unfortunately, “Tao’s contract nullification” is still trending all over Weibo and Chinese netizens are leaving disgusting comments. Check them out below:

[+1795] This ugly shit!!! Promise me don’t come back!!! Just stay in Korea and don’t come back!!! Like this [doge] [+1492] Which shameless person is forcing Huang Zitao back to the country! Apologize quickly! Don’t let him come back!
[+1285] What the fuck back when WYF Luhan terminated their contract that time the blind shit who said betrayed the members I think his name was also this.
[+1217] I beg you don’t come back
[+1100] Don’t come back!!!!!!
[+1201] Liked every single post that’s scolding Huang Zitao, don’t ask why, stubborn [doge doge] [+1082] let him scram as far as he can
[+1078] Isn’t hzt Korean?
[+1050] Please don’t! Don’t want to see him in China!
[+949] He’s still more suited to stay in Korea.
[+898] Don’t make a fuss, he’s Korean, don’t lose face for us Shandong people.
[+903] How will Huang Zitao continue in China if he terminates his contract! My goodness Korea’s little princess.
[+877] Isn’t he Korean, heard he’s a Korean person.
[+852] Wow! It’s not SM that doesn’t want him anymore!!!
[+780] Don’t come back, a small temple can’t contain a large buddha.
[+726] Haha, back when he was scolding his team mate he felt so good!
[+562] Aiyo just there there why must he come back we can’t support him this big gold buddha why must be come back and disgust the innocent
[+465] This means: he’s out of a job? Hahaha, makes me so happy. Terminating a contract for him means he lost his job.
[+480] He thinks too highly of himself…
[+360] What about Zhang Yixing? I pity him. Back when WYF terminated his contract, he scolded him as betraying his brothers, now isn’t he slapping himself in the face?
[+273] Don’t wish for him to return, rather it’s Zhang Yixing (P.S: How many people are left in M team)
[+235] Who is Huang Zitao [doge] [+198] Oh fuck oh fuck, oh my flying fuck
[+120] Welcome home, Tao you’re tired too
[+21] Isn’t a fan of the group, only watch their team variety for Lu-ge, didn’t like Huang Zitao in the first place, but after watching I think that he’s a very practical kid puts everything on his face without hiding, maybe he’s not sensible, but he’s not a bad guy, we are all Chinese, why must we hate on each other.

All very disgusting. Except for the last two.

All of this will blow over though, so let’s hope that Tao just ignores all of the negativity from today. Those gossip sites really need to go away. They should take these crappy netizens with them too.

Source: TaosTaTao & KoreaBoo.

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