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Choreographer Hwang Sang Hoon pissed about “Overdose” leak

A few days ago, a dance practice video for EXO-K’s Overdose was leaked.

The video was removed 20 minutes after it was placed on the internet, but of course, once something’s on the internet, it’ll be there forever.

SM Entertainment is now pursuing legal actions against whoever uploaded the video.

Choreography Hwang Sang Hoon expressed his disappointment about the leak via Twitter.

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He said,

“When SM Entertainment records a dance choreography video, they make 4 different copies.

  1. They make one for the company’s confirmation.
  2. They make one for monitoring.
  3. They make one for SMTOWN’s YouTube channel, without the watermark and member name tags.
  4. And finally, they make one for the broadcast stations with the watermark/name tags.

There is only one question in this tweet, and the rest are facts. Where did this get leaked from?

There is only one copy that gets sent outside of SM Entertainment, and that is to the broadcast stations.”

So it appears that someone on MBC’s Music Core’s team leaked the dance practice video, and this isn’t their first time doing so.

Last summer, Growl’s dance practice video was leaked too via someone from MBC.

And, as of lately, MBC hasn’t been seeing a great track record with their staff members.

Last year, an MBC staff member was caught saying swear words about SHINee’s Taemin, and most recently, another MBC staff member was bragging about how she was eating SHINee Jonghyun’s snacks given to him by a fan in Poland, without either of their permission.

We hope SM Entertainment finds the culprit, so that EXO’s future dance practice videos are safe.

Translation: EXOChocolate

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