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Cliff Notes from NCT 127’s Melon Radio Interview

NCT 127 was featured on Melon Radio today, and there they gave fans a huge dose of what goes on in their private lives.

Here are some of the cliff notes from their segment, in no particular order:

NCT 127 Melon interview

1. The members have two group chats. One with their managers, and one without. The chat with their managers is to discuss work-related things. The chat with each other is just for fun and to keep in touch while they’re away.

2. The members said that in their old dorm, there used to be a ghost that resided in one of the bedrooms. Doyoung saw the ghost, and Taeyong only felt its presence. In that room, Taeil slept-walked into the closet and started banging his head. Thank God they moved.

3. Taeyong says Taeil moans in his sleep, like he’s hugging something tightly. The members had to steer the conversation away because it became almost sexual.

4. Taeyong hopes NCT can promote in Japan in 2017, and that they can visit Yuta‘s hometown.

5. Taeyong said this in English,

“When I fall in love, it will be forever. Or I’ll never fall in love. In a restless world like this, loved is ended before it’s begun.

6. Taeyong saved Jaehyun in his contacts as, “Honey Pig”.

7. Jaehyun saved Taeil in his contacts as, “Ill Hyung”.

8. Jaehyun has changed Taeyong’s contact name multiple times; TY track, TY hyung, Ttiyoungie Hyung.

9. Doyoung says Taeil might make a great DJ because of his great voice.

10. Jaehyun loves musical movies. He is currently listening to the La La Land movie soundtrack, specifically Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling’s, “City of Stars”.

11. Taeyong calls Taeil, “William”. Doyoung asked him why, and he said because of “Prince William”, and also because he used to call Taeil, “Illie Hyung”. Doyoung says it makes no sense.

These guys are super adorable. We hope to hear more of their stories.

Maybe next time, Ten will join them for an interview. I’m sure Ten has like a billion hilarious stories all on his own.

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