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Coca-Cola reveals EXO’s Official CF for Sunny10

Coca-Cola has finally revealed EXO’s CF for its Sunny10 drinks.

For the Sunny10 storyline, the EXO members are all trainees aspiring to become big stars one day.

The members are all tired out and worked to the bone training for their big debut, but luckily for them, Sunny10’s drinks are brought in to revitalize the members!

The boys are back up on their feet in no time and they’re ready for their big debut.

The EXO members prepared both a special dance and special song for Sunny10’s CF.

The choreography is simple, but addictive and the song is upbeat and catchy.

With EXO’s full-on endorsement of Sunny10, we can expect  fan girls to be buying the drinks in bulk!

We really hope that Coca-Cola has a full MV of EXO’s Sunny10 song and that they plan on releasing it.

It would be a shame to let the full song/dance go to waste in just a 30 second CF.

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