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Confession of an EXO fan boy – Fan submission

A fan recently e-mailed me a confession of what it’s like to be an EXO fan boy.

He would like to be kept anonymous, but his story really speaks out about the woes of being a fan boy for EXO (or pretty much any boy group).

To be honest, I think it’s really silly how guys have to hide the fact that they like boy groups in K-Pop.

It’s pretty unfair, especially since us girls can like both girl groups and guy groups without being judged or called names.

Confession of an EXO fan boy - Fan Submission

Here’s his confession:

“Hi. First things first, I’m a guy, yes I’m a fanboy of EXO, but please, don’t get me wrong, I’m straight.

I never doubted my sexuality just because I’m a fanboy of EXO. Most people misjudge us as gays because we admire idols of the same gender, but I wanna ask this?

“Is there a law that says if you idolize a person or a group of the same gender you’ll be automatically called homosexual?”

We, fanboys, are here because we appreciate EXO’s dancing skills, singing skills, and their ability to make people laugh because of their undoubted bright and charismatic personalities.

I’m in a midst of dilemma now. Only few of my friends know that I’m an EXO fanboy. I’m frightened by the fact that I’ll get misjudged and rumors might spread, hence; I’ll get degraded and I’ll have to explain myself over an issue that shouldn’t be there to begin with.

There came a time that I was about to delete my EXO videos and stop idolizing them, but then I consulted some of my friends and good thing because they really understood me. They even boosted my self-esteem.

This issue over being misjudged had a great impact on my personal life. It really made me depressed at one point that I can’t even eat any kind of food, and I became seemingly quiet when I’m around or when I’m surrounded by people. I just want to know others’ opinions about this matter. Thank you and I hope this confession of mine will be posted! “

Well I’m glad that you shared that post with all of us, and I’m sure that many, if not all, of us EXOtics support you! We’re glad to have more fan boys on our team!

If any of you other EXOtics have a confession or something you’d like to share with the rest of us, feel free to send me an e-mail at [email protected]!

  1. Lizzy says

    I think it’s awesome when guys like boy groups o.o I don’t understand why they get judged or anything like this. Weird. My ex liked some boy groups as well. I’ve to say, I’ve seen mostly fanboys that were indeed gay haha but it’s refreshing to see straight fanboys (this is not meant in a homophobic way, please don’t misunterstand!). I really like some girl groups and am a huge fan of some of the girls but I’m not lesbian, not even bi. There seems to be a double standard again huh, very sad, girls can like both but guys are only supposed to like girl groups? I think it’s awesome this guy is a fanboy and I hope he stays one :D!

  2. Kkaebsong~ says

    Hi Admin! Thanks for posting my confession. Indeed it’s hard to be a fanboy at times, but thank you to the people who have deep understanding about these matters. I hope other fanboys there would share their opinions. 🙂

    1. Anna says

      Well, I think the fangirls also have dilemma because our love towards girl’s group. When I [ a lady ] say it forwardly, people don’t thought weirdly. That goes wrong when I say it in slow way or stuttering. Since you are man, try to tell the others slowly. Watch drama and train yourself !!

      Few of my classmates is fanboy of exo. I know about it in different way and my reaction is different,. The first one too excitedly telling me and I don’t find it good ( misunderstood it as gay, you know what the reaction is). Second one with lazily position, slowly confirming and used one tone voice when I ask ” Do you like exo ? ” , I find it charming and cool.

      If you are proud fanboys and try to find the colleague, try different way of approach from fangirls. As what fangirl and fanboy has different reasons to be a fanatic something, they also has diffrent way to express.
      If you still find it hard, please send message to me MS POV through allkpop.

      1. Kkaebsong~ says

        Do you have kakaotalk?

        1. Anna says

          Sorry but I hate to use a phone. When I have it, I don’t have reason to call anyone. Again, I apologize for troubling you.

          1. Kkaebsong~ says

            Aside from allkpop, how can I communicate with you?

          2. Anna says

            @disqus_sxOUX0AQPn:disqus Try to find me annawarsian/ anna Scorpio at twitter. More detail at later on.

  3. Solovina Sinforola Petrousky says

    I find the fanboys really cute and interesting… I’m a girl but I really like to know fanboys. I live in Mexico and inside the k-pop fandom there are a lot of fanboys of male groups and they are not misjudged or discriminated… but that’s, like I said, inside the fandom… if an outsider find out it’s not the same reaction. It’s totally unfair.

  4. Lizah Balili says

    I’m happy coz’ fanboys of exo here in the philippines aren’t really judged like that. 🙂 ♥

    1. Kkaebsong~ says

      Actually Lizah, I’m from the Philippines.

  5. Guest says

    LOL sounds like this fanboy is in denial.

  6. nov_a says

    I totally agree with the positive vibe of this comment page. 🙂 there really is nothing wrong with admiring an idol group of the same gender. but, I get what the confessor says here. it’s way easier for girls to admire girl groups, but boys to boy groups? there really are speculations of sexuality and such. But I believe that you just have to be yourself, and like whoever you want. 🙂 however…. spazzing is definitely out when you are not in the company of your fellow EXO fans. hehehehe. just joking. 😉

    me too, I like 2ne1 and sometimes other girl groups. I find them cute and charismatic, but I am no lesbo. 🙂

    fighting, fanboy!!! may your admiration for EXO be there forever! EXO jjang!!! <3

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