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Kris leaving EXO clarifications

There are a lot of rumors and such circulating the internet about EXO and Kris, so we’d like to remind everyone to take everything with a grain of salt.

First of all, word has it that the SM managers have taken control of the EXO members’ cell phone and computers.

Some are saying that the managers are the ones who have been posting on EXO’s SNS accounts, and unfollowing Kris (which wouldn’t be too far-fetched since SM has done something like this in the past regarding JYJ).

This could be true, but yet again, it could be a lie.

Plus, one of EXO’s manager is still following Kris on Instagram. Why didn’t he unfollow him as well?

Again, we’re not sure whether this rumor is true or false.

But, I will like to remind everyone that the picture you see below is just an EXAMPLE picture of EXO’s managers holding onto their phones. Here, their manager is holding onto their phones (and invading their privacy from what it looks like) because they were busy at a fansign event.

Confusion about EXO's SNS posts

This picture is from 2013! It’s not a recent picture, like many people have been saying.

Also, can we not place all the blame on Lee Soo Man. All of the SM Entertainment artists have said time and time again how they love and respect Lee Soo Man. He’s a swell guy.

But not once has an SM artist thanked the current CEO of SM Entertainment “Kim Youngmin”.

Kim Youngmin is running the company, and while Lee Soo Man still has a lot of influence, he’s not completely to blame for the actions of his CEO and staff.

So if there is someone to blame for these slave contracts and terrible work conditions, it would be the CEO of the company.

Another thing I wanted to address was EXO’s phones.

A lot of people are saying Tao uses an iPhone 5… and while that was true in 2013 and while he still carries it around as a backup phone, his new phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It’s where he texts from, makes calls from, and posts from. Here’s him using his Note 3 on May 9th when he was in Los Angeles.

So yes, it does make sense that his recent Weibo updates would be sent from an Android device and not an iOS device.

Tao using Samsung Galaxy Note 3


As for Baekhyun “lying about leaving his phone in the dorm, and then being slapped by the staff for it”… I mean come on, really? This is just an outright lie. There’s no proof of this. It’s just a rumor that has taken on a life of its own. Please stop spreading this.

And that rumor stems from a fake SM trainee account that says there’s a secret room in SM where people get slapped for doing something wrong, Baekhyun being one of them. That rumor was proven false last year.

There’s also this post that’s allegedly from Luhan saying that SM has taken control of their SNS accounts, and that he was posting a message secretly from an assistant’s computer. Here’s a screenshot of the alleged post, but I will truly believe it if someone else out there has another picture of the post with Luhan’s account name and picture in sight (We know it was probably taken down by now if it is true, but I’m sure someone out there screenshotted it…).

Update: The post has been confirmed to be posted by an ANONYMOUS account, and not by Luhan’s official one. It’s fake.

Luhan on assistant computer

Also, Luhan’s Weibo title has always been “Galaxy”, since April 20th. He did not just change it today like many people have been saying. Yes, he is still following Kris on Weibo. And yes, Tao unfollowed Kris on Weibo.

One of Luhan’s latest post (which is still up) also says that he will keep quiet about the situation, and that he’ll let SM settle things. Again, if rumors are true, the SM managers could have written that. Who knows. But if they did, that means that the rumors that SM doesn’t have Luhan’s Weibo password is a lie too.. and that also brings up the question as to why they didn’t unfollow Kris on Luhan’s account.

As for Henry Lau posting “Its going to be the end of all~~ our uncertainly has ended with that statement.” on his Twitter.

Well the account that posted it is a fake account.

Henry fake post


First off, Henry Lau’s real account is verified. This one is not. And the person using this fake account replaced the “l” in their username with a capitalized “I”.

As for a lot of artists unfollowing SM Entertainment on Twitter. A lot of them DID NOT FOLLOW SM ENTERTAINMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Please do not drag other artists into this. A lot of Shawols are upset at these lies. If other fanbases want to support the EXOtics, bless their souls, but if they don’t, we do not have the right to drag them into this.

As for the lawsuit that Kris filed being just about civil damages and not about contract termination, we ABSOLUTELY hope that this is the case. We want the best case scenario out of this situation.

Again, that’s only one of the scenarios, and the worst case scenario of him leaving SM/EXO still exists.

If EXO can stay OT12, that would be a dream come true.

However, did Kris have to do all of this a week before EXO’s 1st solo concert? It’s no wonder why everyone’s so mad at him. EXO has to re-do everything for their concert with only 11 members… and they’re already all so tired.

If Kris does stay with EXO, we don’t know how long it’ll take for him to regain everyone’s trust again.

And my last thought for now is this:

There is a campaign going around telling EXOtics to unfollow the EXO members on Instagram to “send a message to SM and their managers”.


Seriously. Why would you hurt the other EXO members? Especially since it’s still a rumor that SM’s managers are taking over their SNS accounts?

Yes, please support Kris, but please support the other EXO members as well. They’re also the victims of all of this.

And also, please continue to support EXO by voting for them on music shows and purchasing their albums. They still have music shows to win and achievements to earn.

That is all for now. Please send me more tips, and I’ll review them.

(Okay one more last thing): There is a hashtag on Twitter right now that says “WeBeliveInYouKris”, and we love that he’s receiving so much love!

But the hashtag is misspelled! “Belive” should be “Believe”. Please don’t embarrass our fandom!

WeBelieveInYouKris” should be the real hashtag.

  1. Tear says

    Thank you for clearing up the Tao Android issue. It was driving me insane that everybody was ignoring the fact that he’s posted with Android on Weibo since JANUARY!!!
    You are very level-headed about all of this and I appreciate your calm approach. If only everyone could read this, but no… it’s pandemonium.

  2. miss. overspender says

    this! a sane and logic way of thinking! i wish i could see this from all the fans but sadly they’re choosing sides, bashing one part or the other, spreading rumors and saying things without thinking on their IGs. i don’t believe it’s their managers posting on their behalf and omg the baekhyun being slapped for trying to hide his phone is the most ridiculous thing i ever read today. they are just upset and it’s their right to be so, as well as kris has the right to leave the company if he wants to. so why is so hard for everyone to understand both parts and try to support both, but is so easy to believe so far fetched rumors?!

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  4. Maijun Jamdee says

    This clears up so much for me. Thank you so much. Lately, since the drama started, I’ve been having a hard time who and what to believe because there are too many rumors floating around! Now I have a reliable source to see.

  5. Jashmine Mejarito says

    We use the Hashtag “WeBeliveInYouKris” instead “weBelieveInYouKris” because the word “Believe” has the word “LIE” thats why we trend “BeLIVE” instead of “BeLIEVE” Anyway, thanks for the updattes! We appreciate it~

  6. kkkkkkkk says

    100% agree, lets wait until everything is official, thanks for making this clear

  7. BAEKMINSOO says

    saranghae! <3 thank you so much for that. i'm at sments/exo side actually, i love kris but yeah.. haha! but lately it's been really hard for me bc there's so much rumors etcc,, that sment abuses the sm artists. so really thanksss so much for clearing things out. 😀 exo fighting. OT12!!<3

  8. Emily Sofie says

    Why did the campaign ask the EXOTics to unfollow EXO members on Instagram? They did not have something do wrong things. Even they released the new album, “Overdose”, the fans love it………and one more thing…….I will used the hashtag, ‘WeBelieveInYouKris”….:)

    Thank you.

    From Emily (Malaysia)

  9. EXOSuho says


  10. YOUROCKKRIS says

    Oh, seriously???!!! I cannot believe this!!! SM is definitely making a new record!
    From H.O.T, to Shinhwa, to TVXQ, SJ, now EXO?!
    How many lessons do they have to learn?! Wait until their stock price drops to zero?!
    Kris, I support you!
    Why cant he fight for himself?
    In the end, we are all selfish human beings to have the instinct to protect ourselves first.
    Surely EXO are popular now. But what about 10 years later? Kris is looking into the future. Why should he be slaved by SM and getting craps? Fans are selfish too. We are selfish heartless creature that will forget about this very very soon. How many people still remember H.O.T?

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