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Crayon Pop endorses Caffe Bene with a remixed Bar Bar Bar MV


Crayon Pop has been signed to be the new endorsers of Caffe Bene! The girls recorded a special version of Bar Bar Bar to kick off their promotions.

Caffe Bene’s version of Bar Bar Bar is like a hilarious parody. The lyrics have been altered to promote the “benefits” of trying out the cafe’s new red bean soup menu.

The girls exaggerate that the red bean soups can help make you a top student, calm your girlfriend/boyfriend down, promote weight loss, and more!

Crayon Pop endorses Caffe Bene with remixed Bar Bar Bar MV

Member Soyul stated,

“I was able to film with energy because I go to eat Caffe Bene’s various desserts during breaks.”

Member Gunmi stated,

“It’s amazing that I can eat red-bean porridge in a cafe.”

Congratulations to Crayon Pop for sealing this endorsement. These girls have been receiving a lot of love since Bar Bar Bar blew up across the Kpop scene. They’ve become popular idols now. They’re living in a luxurious apartment, receiving love calls from endorsers/broadcast stations, and more.

Everyone’s excited to see what they’ll bring next.

Source: Allkpop

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