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Crayon Pop performs an animalistic stage with Ylvis at the 2013 MAMA awards!

This is definitely one of the most amazing performances for the night!

From the getgo, Crayon Pop and Ylvis’s stage tonight was memorable. The stage was filled with a jungle-like setting, and all you hear in the background was a man screaming for help.

Ylvis immediately enters the stage and performs their hilarious, and viral song “What Does the Fox Say?”, exciting the audience and causing everyone to break out in laughter.

The stage was no joke. Everything was great.

Crayon Pop joins Ylvis for a joint performance at the 2013 MAMA awards

Immediately after Ylvis’s performance ended, we were met with the sound of gunshot, and quickly everyone exits the stage.

Crayon Pop shows up center stage with the spotlight shining down upon them, and they break out with their own viral hit “Bar Bar Bar“.

They added a little twist to their performance by bringing out toy guns and immediately afterward, they were joined by Ylvis and their background dancers. Everyone broke out in the Bar Bar Bar dance, creating a spectacular, hilarious performance.

Check out the amazing collaboration below!

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    The face Hoya made at 2 minutes of the performance….. Judging face though.

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