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Crayon Pop shocks fans by looking like normal women

Recent pictures of Crayon Pop’s airport fashion has stunned netizens. Why? Because the girls actually look… normal.

It turns out that by removing their helmets, they are actually really beautiful women.

Most netizens view Crayon Pop as just childish girls with catchy music, but it turns out that these girls have separate personalities aside from their idol ones.

The photos below were taken at the Los Angeles International Airport. The girls are dressed very casual and were more than happy to pose for their fans.

Crayon Pop stun netizens with their normal looks

Despite not wearing helmets or track outfits, they still love to sport bright and colorful outfits.

Many netizens are complimenting the girls on their looks, saying that they actually look like idols now… and beautiful women. Some even say that they’re unrecognizable.


In related news, the girls have just released their global music video for Bar Bar Bar. They have dubbed it Bar Bar Bar 2.0, and unlike their first music video, Bar Bar Bar 2.0 was filmed at various hotspots in Seoul!

The video was released on Crayon Pop’s own Vevo channel in hopes of attracting a more international audience.

Sony Entertainment, who just signed with Crayon Pop and Chrome Entertainment, hopes that Crayon Pop will become a global sensation just like Psy. The video has already attracted a good number of views… however it seems to have attracted more “dislikes” than they have wanted.

Perhaps America isn’t as into Crayon Pop as Sony would have hoped. Or maybe it’s just anti-fans at work. Who knows? Hopefully this wasn’t a bad deal on Sony’s part.

Source: Allkpop

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