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Crayon Pop wins the “Hot Trend” award at 3rd Gaon Chart KPOP Awards!

Crayon Pop has won yet another “Hot Trend” award!

This time, their “Hot Trend” award came from the 3rd Gaon Chart KPOP Awards.

Their hit song “Bar Bar Bar” blew up in popularity in the latter half of 2013, and became a nationwide trend.

The song even began to see international popularity, garnering them the support of very powerful groups like Sony.

Crayon Pop wins Hot Trend award at 3rd Gaon Chart KPOP Awards

The girls of Crayon Pop were very gracious when accepting their awards.

They donned their staple helmets and colorful bicycle outfits, bowed to everyone while on their way to the stage, and gave their grateful acceptance speech.

Crayon Pop is just getting started with their careers, and they’re already gearing up for a comeback; one that they hope will match the popularity, or even surpass the popularity of Bar Bar Bar.

This time, however, they’re going to discard their helmets and come back with something new!

Congratulations to Crayon Pop for yet another win with Bar Bar Bar

Also, be sure to check out their performance of “Bar Bar Bar”, as well as their acceptance speech in the videos below!

Crayon Pop – Acceptance Speech:

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar – 3rd Gaon Chart KPOP Awards

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