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Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar 2.0 shows off various tourist spots in Seoul

Crayon Pop, a viral Kpop Rookie girl group, has just released the global version of their Bar Bar Bar music video. It’s titled Bar Bar Bar 2.0, and instead of being filmed in just one city, the girls travel all throughout the country in order to show international viewers the beauty of Korea.

Sony Entertainment, who had just signed the girls alongside Chrome Entertainment, stated,

“We filmed this one not to be different from the first version but to spread the dance to the international market. We focused more on the dance this time than in the first music video.”

The girls traveled to several popular locations in Seoul, including the Han River amusement park, the Children’s Grand Park, Garosu Street, and Noksapyeong Station in order to film their new music video.

Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar 2.0 shows off various tourism spots in Seoul

The music video is very cute, and it shows just how popular the girls are in Korea. Residents and tourists stopped in their tracks in order to catch a glimpse of the girls and to take their pictures.

The girls don several outfits for this video, but they retain their signature helmets. The girls even make hilarious references to Psy’s music video for “Gangnam Style”, giving viewers a familiar view to look at.

You can check out Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar 2.0 below! You have to keep in mind that the song is almost exactly the same (except for the intro) because it’s not necessarily a comeback track, just a variation.

Source: Soompi

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