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Crayon Pop’s brother group “K-Much” releases music video for “Don’t Know”

Crayon Pop’s brother group, K-Much, has just made their debut with their music video for “Don’t Know

Like the news report stated before, K-Much’s debut song is like a male version of Bar Bar Bar, but with its own unique twist that makes it much more manlier and very catchy.

In a way, it’s like an homage to Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar, especially since at the beginning of their music video, the boys pull out golden helmets and perform the choreography.

Throughout “Don’t Know”, Crayon Pop fans will notice a lot of similarities in melodies between Bar Bar Bar and Don’t Know.

Crayon Pop's brother group K-Much debuts with Don't know

I will admit that I was very skeptical about K-Much debuting with a recycled track, but they really changed it up a lot and added their own charms to it. I might actually prefer it to Bar Bar Bar.

And dressing up the boys of K-Much in SWAT outfits was definitely a nice touch by Chrome Entertainment.

So far, K-Much’s music video for “Don’t Know” has been receiving generally favorable reviews. Check out the music video below for yourself!

P.S: I guess we’re not calling them Snakehead anymore — I’d prefer Snakehead over K-Much any day though. Why Chrome Entertainment!?

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