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Crayon Pop’s brother group “Snakehead” to debut in November!

Chrome Entertainment plans on debuting a male version of Crayon Pop next month!

The company says that the group will be called Snakehead, and that they will either debut in early November or mid-November.

Unlike Crayon Pop, however, Snakehead’s concept wont by funny or humorous, meaning we won’t be expecting the male version of “Bar Bar Bar” from them.

Crayon Pop's brother group Snakehead to debut in November!

According to Chrome Entertainment, the group’s name,

“…represents the snakehead fish, which is well-known as a health food in Korea, and stands for longevity.”

The boys debuting will be in their 20’s, which is a nice change of pace from all of the teen idols in the industry.

They’re currently working on their debut track, which should be complete within the month.

Chrome Entertainment also says that its working on a collaboration project between both Crayon Pop and Snakehead, and that Crayon Pop will be helping both directly/indirectly with the new group’s album.

I can’t wait to see what Chrome Entertainment has in store for us.

Source: Allkpop

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