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Crayon Pop’s Ellin introduces the boys of Snakehead!


Chrome Entertainment’s new boy group, Snakehead, is getting to debut really soon!

The company released a short video on their YouTube channel with Crayon Pop’s Ellin introducing each member in their group.

Technically, their English name is K-much, but their translated Korean name is still Snakehead, which I’m sure much of us prefer.

Snakehead is a 5-member boy group and each member is very lively and very charismatic.

Crayon Pop Ellin introduces Chrome Entertainment's new boy group Snakehead

First, we have Ato, who is the group’s maknae. He has a cute, energetic look to him as well as a very innocent voice.

Then we have the group’s rapper, G-Low, who has a very straightforward personality and a charismatic voice.

Following him is Rocky, who is charismatic and has a bit of a seductive, playful side to him.

Then we have Q, who is the main vocalist of the group with a “dinosaur-type” face.

And finally, we have Bonus, who he says he’s in charge of smiles in the group.

It looks like we have a very lively and fun group waiting to debut.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on your perspective), Snakehead won’t be following the same cutesy, catchy concept that Crayon Pop has. They will instead be more of a regular K-Pop Idol group.

The members are all over 20 years old, and they were supposed to debut in November, however, things got delayed.

Perhaps they’ll debut this month, or in early 2014.

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