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Crayon Pop’s Soyul used to be in a duo called Chic’6 Muscats


Some past videos of Crayon Pop’s Soyul have surfaced, and they show that Soyul was always a kid at heart!

She used to be a part of the duo Chic’6 Muscats and their songs are pre-dominantly childlike and cutesy.

Not only that, but she also has experience as a rookie actress. She made her acting debut in a low-budget movie called “Chase Your Dream”, which seems to be about several bright-eyed souls trying their best to become Kpop idols.

It seems to have a “Bring It On”/”Dream High” vibe to it… something I’d definitely want to watch.

Crayon Pop's Soyul used to be part of a duo called Chic'6 Muscats

It’s unfortunate that Chic’6 Muscats didn’t last, but luckily for Soyul, she found Crayon Pop! Now Crayon Pop is becoming huge and Soyul is achieving her dreams of being a performing artist.

I do wonder what happened to her partner though. Hopefully she finds just as much success in her future as well.

You can check out Chic’6 Muscat’s videos below, as well as a trailer to Soyul’s movie! I kind of like Love Revolution, but I dislike Good Smile.. but that’s just my personal taste.

Chic’6 Muscats – Love Revolution

Chic’6 Muscats – Good Smile

Chic’6 Muscats – Chase Your Dream (low-budget movie)

Chic’6 Muscats – Chase Your Dream (Soyul’s cut)

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