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Crazy fans back NCT’s Jeno up against a wall

K-pop fans can be incredibly crazy and overwhelming, and NCT’s Jeno just got a dose of that last night.

While Jeno was with the other NCT members, fans were crowding around trying to get some pictures of the boys.

The fans started getting overly aggressive, invading the boys’ personal space, shoving their cameras up into their faces, and flashing away without any regard for the boys’ well being.

Things got very out-of-control.

Jeno was backed up against a wall and tried to face away from all of the flashing bulbs.


Crazy fans back NCT's Jeno up against a wall

Poor guy, he probably just wanted to get to where he needed to be without all of chaos.

Aside from flashing their cameras into the NCT members’ faces, people were saying that the fans were also pushing each other and the boys around.

Being a fan and taking pictures is alright, but these fans need to know not to be so invasive with their cameras and they need to learn how to respect the personal space of others.

Source: PumpkinJaemin

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