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“Curious Story Y” reports on the anti-fan who threatened to kill EXO’s Sehun

Back in January, an anti-fan claiming to be Kim Yeoshin made a threat against EXO’s Sehun.

She said that she was going to pose as a fan and give EXO’s Sehun a tampered drink at the Idol Star Athletics Championship.

Luckily, she didn’t follow through with her threat, but it did spark Curious Story Y’s interest.

The TV show decided to dig deeper into the story, as well as the background of EXO’s other anti-fans.

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What Curious Story Y discovered was that the anti-fan wasn’t the real “Kim Yeoshin”, the same girl that gave Yunho a poisoned drink back in 2006, nor was this anti-fan’s parents murdered by TVXQ sasaeng fans like she claimed (which is supposedly why she said she attacked Yunho in the first place).

Curious Story Y discovered that her parents actually passed away a while after the Yunho incident.

It turns out that this fan was just a junior high student. She created an anti-EXO blog for attention, and she felt regret about what she did. She wrote a long apology letter and stated that she would never make these false threats again.

Aside from the fake Kim Yeoshin incident, Curious Story Y also reported on several other anti-fan and sasaeng incidents pertaining to EXO. They reported on fans breaking into EXO’s dorm and stealing D.O’s underwear, EXO fans committing self-harm, anti-fans crossing out EXO’s pictures with red ink and tearing up their photos, anti-fans writing posts telling the EXO members that they should die, etc.

It was a very dark documentary on EXO, and one that will most likely hurt EXO’s self-esteem and spirits.

Here are what netizens are saying about the report, translated by NetizenBuzz:

1. [+860, -12] Junior high school students are so scary lately. There’s nothing you can do it about it… such a problem.

2. [+587, -18] Daebak… shocking

3. [+70, -9] Is SBS crazy? This was already proven to be false long ago. I can’t even imagine how EXO’s parents would feel once they watch this show, showing footage of the kids’ pictures with red pen marks all over them, ripped up, their underwear, pictures of fans self harming themselves… I was speechless at the amount of lines crossed by a public broadcast program. Why broadcast this at a peak time?;;;

4. [+52, -7] It’s been a long time since Kim Yeo Shin was found to be false as well as the self harm pictures being found to be done by EXO antis. What I don’t get about SBS is why they don’t think about how the EXO members will feel seeing this broadcast, having to see their pictures ripped up and screencaps of posts telling them to die. Did they not consider EXO when broadcasting this?

5. [+49, -17] I don’t get why the show had to air footage of pictures of the members with red pen marks and posts telling them to die… EXO will obviously see this, how will they feel? The producers are so stupid;;;

6. [+48, -3] I really feel bad for idols… I got goose bumps seeing the part about EXO’s underwear being sold. Such psychos..

7. [+38, -5] What crime did EXO commit to deserve this…

8. [+36, -5] The entire time I was watching, the only thing I could think was how scary it would be for EXO to have to watch this. I’d be scared, whether they were my fan or not.

Curious Story Y reports on the anti-fan who threatened EXO

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  1. kkaebsong~ says

    I think it was really dumb of them to even mention the stuff like “stealing D.O.’s boxers” (which wasnt even true to begin with)
    And the one about “EXO fans” self-harming(which was also proven to be fake, cuz antis admitted that they photoshopped those pics.)
    they should do better research next time, before they talk about it on TV.

    1. Maijun Jamdee says

      The fan that cut Luhan into her arm was true though. I know, I searched up her Twitter. *shivers* She stopped posting tweets, but her page still remains online…

      1. kkaebsong~ says

        Yes, that one is true, I know. I still dont understand why she would even do that. Some people are just……

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