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D.O remakes S.E.S’s “I’m Your Girl” MV on EXO 90: 2014

EXO D.O is the latest member to remake a music video on EXO 90: 2014.

This week, the show remade S.E.S’s music video for “I’m Your Girl“.

The story of this music video would be every EXO member’s worst nightmare; being held captive by a sasaeng.

In this video, D.O is hit with a tranquilizer dart and locked up inside some girls’ home.

EXO D.O remakes S.E.S I'm Your Girl MV on EXO 90 2014
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He’s chained up, and every time he tries to escape, one girl or the other would tranquilize him again.

Of course, despite the story line, this music video is actually pretty goofy and cute.

We loved Kyungsoo as the main lead. His squishiness is super cute, as well as his various facial expressions after realizing that escape is futile.

His acting is also great, which we already knew from his performance in It’s Okay, It’s Love.

Check out EXO D.O’s music video remake for S.E.S’s “I’m Your Girl” on EXO 90: 2014.

It also turns out that Naver is sponsoring EXO 90: 2014 now, which explains why the LINE messenger app has been making appearances in EXO’s music videos.

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  1. LiLithepanda27 says

    …. Probably what a crazy, messed up sasaeng would do XD(just straight up kidnap a random person from a restaurant and label on his polo shirt “MINE”)

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