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D.O, Sehun, and Xiumin looking chic for IvyClub


IvyClub has released some new photos of EXO’s beautiful D.O, Sehun, and Xiumin!

Alongside those photos is a 3-minute long interview of the three with some snippets of the other EXO members in it.

Be patient while we get an English-translated version of the interview.

I do love when EXO endorses IvyClub. The clothing is fabulous and it’s made even more so by the EXO members.

EXO D.O Ivyclub October 1st 1EXO D.O Ivyclub October 1stEXO Sehun IvyClub October 1st 1EXO Sehun IvyClub October 1stEXO Xiumin IvyClub OCtober 1st 1EXO Xiumin IvyClub October 1st

Source: IvyClub


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