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D.O thanks EXO-L for his “Best Newcomer Award”

EXO-K’s D.O posted on EXO-L‘s website, thanking fans for helping him win the Best Newcomer’s Award at the 2014 APAN Drama Stars Awards ceremony.

He wrote,

“Hello, this is EXO’s D.O.

I’d like to sincerely thank our EXO-L.

With everyone’s support, I was able to receive the Best Newcomer Award.

I will continue to show you an even better image in the future.

Thank you!”

EXO D.O thanks EXO-L for Best Newcomer Award at 2014 APAN Drama Stars Award

It was not surprising that Kyungsoo won the Best Newcomer Award.

The public fell in love with him after watching “It’s Okay, That’s Love”.

He broke the idol-turned-actor curse and wowed everyone with his natural performance and portrayal of his character Kangwoo.

People who disliked him before because of him being a member of EXO instantly changed their opinions and became fans themselves.

With his effect over people and his all-encompassing charisma, he was a shoe-in for the Newcomers Award.

Let’s hope he wins more prestigious awards in the future!

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