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DEAN to Release Comeback Single November 8th!

DEAN is jumping onboard the comeback train this November.

He announced on his social media accounts that he’ll be releasing a new single November 8th.

We’re a bit bummed that it’s only going to be a one-song comeback rather than a mini/full album, but we’ll take it.

DEAN made his debut back in 2015 with his song, “I’m Not Sorry“, which completely blew away expectations in terms of sales.

Since then he’s released several other singles and has been featured on many popular artists’ comeback tracks, including Junggigo, Dynamic Duo, Taeyeon, and more.

His single “D(Half Moon)” featuring Gaeko made a whopping 2.5 million sales in South Korea.

We’re excited for DEAN’s comeback next week.

We hope he’ll rank high on the charts.

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