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Did Polaris Entertainment manipulate views on Ladies’ Code’s Pretty Pretty music video?

Netizens suspect that Polaris Entertainment may have performed Digital Sajaegi on Ladies’ Code’s Pretty Pretty music video. Ladies’ Code is still a new Kpop rookie group, yet they already managed to accumulate over 1 million views for their latest music video.

Even a company like LOEN Entertainment couldn’t do that for their rookie group HISTORY.

Not only that, but the day before the suspected Digital Sajaegi happened, Pretty Pretty only had around 180,000 views, meaning that in a matter of 1-2 days, the music video miraculously accumulated 820,000+views. Also, for some reason, there are only 3,750+ like and 112 dislikes for the music video.

Did Polaris Entertainment perform Digital Sajaegi for Ladies' Code's Pretty Pretty music video

Also, a chart showing the  statistics of the music video show that Pretty Pretty saw a massive jump in views from September 8th-9th. Once September 10th rolled around, the viewership plummeted back to what it was before.

Did Polaris Entertainment perform Digital Sajaegi for Ladies' Code's Pretty Pretty music video 1

This issue also brought up the view manipulation accusations surrounding Ladies’ Code’s Hate You music video, which saw a massive jump in views on one random day. The viewership for the video plummeted the very next day. It seems that the manipulations stop after the music video exceeds 1 million views.

Not only does this have netizens upset,but  it has made Ladies’ Code’s fanbase, the Lavelys, very upset. They feel that Polaris Entertainment isn’t giving Ladies’ Code enough credit to prosper on their own, and instead has to resort to shady methods to get the girls on the map.

Now we have to remember that this is only an accusation, and that there may be a good explanation for all of this. Some users brought up how Ladies’ Code has a good relationship with a number of top celebrities, so perhaps those massive increase in views could be due to those top celebrities spreading publicity for the girls.

We won’t know the real answer for sure, but with all of this commotion going on about Polaris Entertainment, perhaps the label will release an official statement soon.

Source: OneHallyu

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