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[Eng Sub] EXO 90: 2014 Episode 1 – H.O.T’s Kangta + SMROOKIES


Here’s the full premiere episode of EXO 90: 2014 with English Subs!

This premiere episode features the EXO-K members interviewing with H.O.T’s Kangta.

The SMROOKIES also make an appearance, where they introduce themselves and perform a cover of one of H.O.T’s hit songs.

At the end of this episode, you get to see EXO-K’s Chanyeol, as well as Yuta and Jaehyun, remake H.O.T’s music video for their song “Hope”.

The vocals are provided by EXO-M’s Chen and a few of the SMROOKIES.

Eng Subs EXO 90 2014 Episode 1 H.O.T Kangta SMROOKIES

Check out the first episode of the series below!

EXO 90: 2014 – Episode 1 with English Subs

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