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[ENG SUB] EXO-M performs the beautiful ballad “Happiness means suffering together” by Wakin Chau on Immortal Song

We finally get to see EXO-M’s performance on the Chinese Immortal Song, and it was well worth the wait!

The boys performed a cover of Wakin Chau’s “Happiness Means Suffering Together”, and it was a stellar performance.

Luhan and Chen were the main vocalists for the song, and they rocked their parts (it sucks that Xiumin and Lay didn’t get to play bigger parts here).

To add their own flavor to the performance, EXO-M created their own choreography to the song.

The audience loved the entire performance. You can see the Chinese EXO fans thrilled to see the boys perform such a big hit.

Wakin Chau was also an amazing special guest as well. He didn’t hold back his cheers for the boys, and he also shared photos and laughs with EXO-M behind-the-stage.

Check out EXO-M’s performance of “Happiness Mean Suffering Together” above, as well as their interview portions in the videos below (English Subbed).

We’ll get a subbed version of EXO-M’s entire Immortal Song segment as soon as we can.

Cut 1:

Cut 2:

Cut 3:

Cut 4:

  1. Lynn says

    Ahhhhh thir performance was so perfect !!! I agree Lay sings very well !! ^^

  2. Azurescooby says

    Xiumin didn’t sing at all and that makes me sad.

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