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[Eng Sub] xoxo EXO – 4th & Final Episode

Here it is! The 4th and final episode of xoxo EXO!

English subbed thanks to Baekhundred.

This episode only features EXO-K for some reason. People are speculating this is due to EXO-M and the whole Kris debacle… but who knows!

We’re sad that xoxo EXO had to end so soon. We were hoping that there would more episodes… but we’re grateful to be able to see so much of EXO behind the scenes.

Eng sub xoxo EXO 4th and final episode

  1. Dinda Kusuma Astrini says

    and this one too?? all of it except episode 2 it’s gone.

    1. exoyehet says

      Hi! Thanks for letting me know! Episodes 1-4 should be up and ready to view again.

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