[Eng Subs] Cart Official Trailer

The official trailer for Cart is out! And it’s English subbed for our convenience.

The movie looks so much better than we expected.

It looks so full of drama, and it also features tones of sexism and various other discriminations in it.

EXO’s D.O looks adorable and plays the role of a resentful child well.

Eng Subs Cart Official Trailer

Before, we thought that Cart would only be about D.O’s mother and how she deals with unemployment while trying to support her family as a single mother, but the movie is definitely much, much more than that.

It shows the cruelty/sexism against women in South Korea, as well as the overly harshness of the police force against peaceful protesters (something that has happened quite a few times in South Korea).

This movie looks like it’ll be heart-wrenching, anxiety-inducing, and also inspiring.

We’re ready for this movie to premiere already.

Good luck D.O! We hope that viewers have positive criticism for your acting.

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  1. ShyQuietGirl
    August 27, 2014

    Oh shit, this is actually really deep and meaningful, I’d probably watch it even if DO wasn’t there…

  2. […] also stars Yum Jung-Ah (as D.O’s mother), is a highly anticipated film, especially since the preview, which was released in late August, shows that it’s a much more dramatic and intense film than what the movie’s synopsis […]

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