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[Eng Subs] EXO Happy Camp July 5th, 2014 – Full

The full EXO Happy Camp episode with English subs is already here!

It’s only been less than a day, yet the EXO fandom subbers have pulled together and have already finished the project.

This fandom always surprises me with how fast they get things done.

This Happy Camp (2014) episode with EXO is another spectacular one.

We have 1 1/2 hours of EXO goodness with this episode.

They showed off their personal dorm and their pet peeves about other members.

They played multiple games, including a drinking game and a game where they had to match the human pyramid presented.

They had a serious, and sad, discussion about Kris leaving the group.

And they reveal a lot more about themselves that we had yet to find out.

These boys of EXO are really wonderful, and you’ll absolutely love this Happy Camp episode.

Happy Camp is probably my most favorite variety show featuring EXO out there.

Check out the full English subbed episode below:

Eng Subs EXO Happy Camp full episode 2014 July 5th

Credit: Boonyi & WISHeestar

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  2. KBK says

    They are so…… cute

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